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How does Doc360 Benefit Remote Workers?

Documents are missing, you aren’t sure who is doing what, and that already elusive “visibility” is now but a distant memory.

Suddenly, your brick and mortar agency has gone virtual, and now over the last few days or weeks, the communication breakdown has begun. Documents are missing, you aren’t sure who is doing what, and that already elusive “visibility” is now but a distant memory.

Does this sound like your agency?

If so, you probably aren’t effectively using Doc360 with your AMS360 platform.

 Doc360 isn’t just for agencies doing front-end scanning. And there is no special equipment or scanner necessary! If your agency is attaching documents to activities, you are using Doc360, and now it is time to embrace this tool for a more successful remote work environment.

Quickly organize, store, and assign work

Using any scanner, an employee can drag and drop bulk documents to the Doc360 hotspot. From there, he or she can label them and distribute them to the correct team members so they can begin working on them immediately.

Visibility and Teamwork

Management can easily see what is received, assigned, in progress, or completed via the dashboard for MyDocuments.

Team members can, too, via the Customer Center. Doc360 allows for coworkers to see the history of documents, including current status.

It is fast and easy to reassign work if someone is sick, or unexpectedly unable to work.

Versatility and Efficiency 

 Doc360 is for more than just snail mail.  Email or documents that cannot be processed immediately can be stored and assigned, reducing the possibility that it will be discarded and forgotten.

Because documents now have an assigned Type, CSRs can work more efficiently in batches and spend less time sorting through email attachments.


Doc360 is a phenomenal tool that can streamline and improve the efficiency of agency workflows and is a necessity in today’s virtual environment. It is so much more beneficial to your agency’s management system than supporting a separate document storage system, like Dropbox or shared network files, because the documents are appropriately stored and labeled with your customer records.

If you need help getting this process setup and working for your agency, our team of consultants and trainers are here to help!